Guide to becoming a better runner

Enjoy this masterclass taught by Iker Muñoz, Doctor of Exercise Science and Sports and trainer at RUNNEA ACADEMY, where he provides valuable insight in different videos so you can understand some of the concepts in the training plans. . :

Continuous Race

In this video we will explain the importance of the continuous race as a way to train both for famous athletes or people who want to improve their performance.

Low Intensity Runs

Low intensity runs are sometimes called junk kilometers.In the following video we explain the need and importance of these on final performance.

Why intensity workouts are necessary

Next, we will explain the main differences between the most common methods to work at high intensities(fartlek, intervals, and repetitions of series). Intensity work is mandatory if we want to improve our performance and continue to progress towards our goals

(Series, intervals y fartleks)

The Training Load

We often hear technical terms such as a training load, but what exactly does this mean? In the following video we will explain what this term is and how it has a big influence on your training process.