Any doubts related to the RUNNEA ACADEMY contracts

To receive your access code on the RUNNEA ACADEMY app, follow the steps in this guide: How to receive an access code.

Muy fácil, si lo que quieres es seguir entrenando con nosotros pero se te ha agotado tu suscripción, tan solo tienes que ampliarla comprando una de las suscripciones o packs que tenemos disponibles en la web. It's simple, if you want to continue to train with us but your subscription is ending, you just need to extend it by buying one of the subscriptions or packs that we have on our website.

There are two main ways to pay for any of our subscriptions. You can pay by credit card or by PayPal. If you find yourself in an extraordinary situation and you want to pay by a bank transaction, you can contact us by email at: contacto@runnea.academy

No, unfortunately you cannot pay your subscription in installments. The example of monthly installments on the website is only to compare prices of the different packs, but the price cannot be paid in installments. This example is only to help you choose between plans, from 3 months to annual.


We will answer the most frequent training questions

With Runnea Academy you can have an objective with its corresponding training plan active. Throughout the year you can start as many plans as you want, simultaneously or not. In addition to this, you can have a completely individualized diet plan to accompany your training with a diet prepared to give you the best results.

If you are a passionate runner that wants to complete one objective after the other that’s no problem, once you finish one training plan you can begin the next as quickly as you want. Don't forget that good rest is one of the best ways to train.

Don't worry, if you do not own a pulsometer you are equally welcome to the Runnea Academy family. However, the pulsometer, while not essential, is highly recommended because many of the exercises suggested in your training plans will be tracked at a certain pace per kilometer or at a specific volume of pulsations. If you want to buy a pulsometer at an accessible rate, be sure to check out the pulsometer section of our website.

Whether you have completed an objective or cancelled one, you can begin a new objective easily from your profile. You just need to click on DAR DE ALTA UN NUEVO PLAN from the MIS PLANES page on your account. After clicking said button, you just fill in your new objectives and in minutes you can enjoy your new plan to reach your new athletic goal.

If you are worried about your weekly training plan, know that you can easily modify it to fit your needs. All you need to do is access your weekly training on the app and select the adjustment icon (gear on the bottom right) and you can vary your training by day and change the number of days you want to train. The first time you make changes and save them, the alteration will be instant. If you do it a second time, it will increase or decrease the days of the week that you train the next week and forward.

At Runnea Academy we work on an individual basis so that every runner receives a training plan which matches their abilities. In order to do this, it is very important to know and keep your fitness status updated. This way we can achieve an individual following and have adequate progression to reach your goal and do it in the best moment for you.

To update your fitness status, you just need to enter the information from any tests you have completed or races that you have competed in. To do this, you need to configure your account by clicking DATOS DE LOS PLANES. It is also important to maintain this information relevant to your heart rate and the amount of exercise you perform, this way we can make the best and most detailed training plan for you.

In order to know your fitness status, we recommend you use your most recent run, and you can do that based on any distance. Logically, the projection of your time based on a small run will be altered on the day that you, for example, complete a marathon. Due to this, we recommend that you update your fitness state every four to five weeks and do it based on a test of no less than 3.000 meters. This is the only controlled way for your program to fluctuate with your fitness state.

A query thread is a space dedicated to maintaining completely private feedback between you and your trainer. It is a channel of direct communication to talk about topics related to training and diets. All the subscriptions, either 3 months, 6 months or annual have at least one consultation incorporated into the program where you can enjoy individual communication with a trainer.

Do not worry if you have exhausted your allotted consultations of your training plans. You can purchase as many packs of five consultations as you want, with each pack costing 9,95. This way you can have continual contact with your trainer and they can attend to you and your individual needs.

Si alguna vez no puedes completar los entrenamientos y tienes que elegir qué sesión hacer, intenta realizar el primer día de la semana. No obstante, si tu único día de entrenamiento, de la semana en curso, es el sábado o domingo, trata de hacer uno de los rodajes que te marca el plan, para que puedas comenzar sin una gran fatiga la próxima semana.

Es posible que la marca de tu estado de forma o último test no esté correctamente introducida. Consulta y actualiza los datos en tu perfil.

Por otra parte, es necesario recordar que en ocasiones los ritmos de trabajo son "bajos" para conseguir un objetivo concreto, la recuperación del organismo.

No ocurrirá nada negativo, la App de RUNNEA ACADEMY está desarrollada para hacer un seguimiento del porcentaje de tareas realizadas sobre el total. Esto no afectará a sesiones/semanas siguientes.

Sí, siempre y cuando tenga, el entrenamiento, un objetivo de regeneración. Por lo tanto deberemos hacer esta sesión a una intensidad baja y que no genere una fatiga añadida a nuestro organismo.


Much like other runners, you are living in an atypical time and have seen how races that you were going to participate in and have trained for have been suspended or cancelled. Due to that reason, and because we understand the necessity for runners to feel the competitive spirit, our technicians have created a network of virtual races that allow for an online connection with thousands of runners across the world.

My Account

We are happy to see you here, runner, that means that you have decided to take the first step to join the Runnea Family. The first thing you need to do to join this big community of runners is to download the new Runnea Academy app. You can do this o Google Play for Android or the Apple Store for Apple Products.

Once you have completed this first step, you should complete your registration for your selected subscription that best fits your interests and needs. Once you have done this you can select your prefered training plan, selecting the outlines of your objective and the number of days a week that you want to train. Also, if you desire, you can complement your training plan with nutritional guidelines specific to your plan.

The next step is to complete the information for your objective (start of plan, name of objective and date) and your fitness state (actual physical state, cardiac workout frequency/ your rest and equipment. Also, you should state your activity level (rarely active, active or very active) and the time of day you want to train (mornings, afternoon, night, or early morning).

Subsequently, you should enter your personal data. Gender, weight, height and date of birth. For the most accurate training plan, it would be great if you indicated how long you have been a runner and any illnesses or surgeries that could affect your physical activity.

The last step is to pay for your subscription via PayPal or credit card. Once your payment has been confirmed you can access and enjoy your account immediately and learn more about your training plan in minutes. At this moment you become a member of the big Runnea Academy family.

The app

Below we explain the most frequent questions about the app

In order to offer the most exact path of your run, we need you to allow GPS permission with the “always allow” button and also enable background activity.

You can confide in us, we will only follow your path during your training.


How do I give permission on Android?

Depending on the version of your operating system on Android, it is possible that giving permission to track will be found a different way.


How do I give permission on an IPhone?

In order to allow GPS tracking on your IPhone, you need to go to:

Settings > Runnea > Location

Once you are on Location, select Always and also select the Exact Location option.