Un sueño por cumplir


Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack
Half Marathon Pack

Half Marathon Pack

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The Half Marathon Pack includes

  • A premium training subscription for 3 months with RUNNEA ACADEMY.
  • Official shirt for RUNNEA TEAM by Luanvi.
  • LifeStyle RUNNEA shirt made of 100% cotton and recycled materials
  • 4 consultations with your trainer through the app
  • Masterclass with the video "Guide to becoming a better runner", directed by Iker Muñoz, Doctor of Exercise Science and Sports.
  • Nutrition Guide for Popular Runners.
  • Guide to select your running shoe.


After you purhcase the Half Marathon pack, you will recieve an email with the subject "Your RUNNEA ACADEMY code" with the code you will need to access the app to unlock the 3 month training plan of your choice.

You will also recieve a RUNNEA ACADEMY box at your residence with the official training shirt of Team RUNNEA by Luanvi, a LifeStyle RUNNEA shirt, access to the Masterclass for training, the nutrition guide for popular runners and the guide to select your running shoe.

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21,097 meters, 13.1 miles. An emblematic distance. The distance that separates the dream from reality. A dream longed for by many, suffered by so many and fulfilled by those who are committed to this sport.

Un sueño por cumplir
Un sueño por cumplir

Step by step, we help you reach the goal and overcome 21 kilometers of doubts, difficulties, moments of weakness and efforts that are often misunderstood. But 21 kilometers of courage, ambition, strength and, of course, fun.

Más que 21K



Berna Angulo - Media Maratón
Un día más, un día menos

One more day,
one day less

The first steps down the hallway at home soon turned into little walks around a nearby park. Starting to jog was not easy, a jog always accompanied by pain, with the scars as a memory of the past. But it was all part of the process, part of the recovery and the way to the goal.

With effort, dedication and perseverance , and the RUNNEA ACADEMY training guidelines came the joys . The first 5 minutes in a row, the first kilometers ... Small victories that began to generate in Bern the illusion that their challenge to finish a half marathon was possible.



It was done, it was back. After long hours of training, days off, months of demand and years of an odyssey that seemed endless, he could feel like a runner again. Not forgetting his scars. Without forgetting the effort and work. The moments of flight and those of plummeting.

He knew his scars would remind him for a lifetime of where he came from. But also what it has meant to get to where he is now. It was then that he knew the 21-kilometer goal was possible. With his strength, with his desire and the help of RUNNEA ACADEMY, he achieved something unthinkable, running a half marathon below 4'30 m / km.

A goal that we would cross together, hand in hand.

Punto de no retorno

Point of no return

With confidence skyrocketing, and a training plan perfectly tailored to his fitness, Angulo reached the moment where he had no turning back. His head and his heart told her so. He was prepared to put up with everything and not throw in the towel.


Goal achieved. An unimaginable brand years ago. Tears flooded Berna's eyes as they crossed the finish line. But it wasn't pain, it was happiness, she had done it. We had done it.

Sin límites
Sin límites
Sin límites

It was then, in the emotion of the moment, surrounded by the people he loved the most, when he decided that he would not stay there. That he wasn't enough for her. That his spirit was asking for more. More excitement, more euphoria, more work. That goal was just the starting point for everything to come.

Haz historia con Runnea AcademyBerna Angulo Runnea Academy

Resuelve tus dudas

El código que recibes al comprar una suscripción a RUNNEA ACADEMY no caduca, por lo que puedes comprarlo ahora y activarlo más tarde.

Sí. No te preocupes si tu suscripción finaliza antes de que hayas llegado a tu objetivo, puedes renovar tu suscripción y seguir con tu plan de entrenamiento vigente.

Muy fácil, si lo que quieres es seguir entrenando con nosotros pero se te ha agotado tu suscripción, tan solo tienes que ampliarla comprando una de las suscripciones o packs que tenemos disponibles en la web.

En Runnea Academy puedes tener un objetivo, con su correspondiente plan de entrenamiento, activo. Durante el año podrás dar de alta tantos planes consecutivos como desees. Además de eso, podrás tener activo un plan específico de alimentación totalmente individualizado para complementar tus entrenamientos con una dieta preparada para llevarlos a cabo con las mejores garantías.

Si eres un apasionado del running que busca alcanzar un objetivo tras otro no te preocupes, una vez hayas acabado tu plan de entrenamiento podrás dar de alta el siguiente tan rápido como desees. Eso sí, no olvides que un buen descanso también es uno de los mejores entrenamientos.

Un hilo de consultas es un espacio dedicado dentro de la app para mantener un feedback totalmente personal con tu entrenador, un canal de comunicación directo para abordar temas referentes a los entrenamientos y la alimentación. Todas las suscripciones, ya sean trimestrales, semestrales o anuales, tienen incorporado al menos un hilo de consulta con el que podrás disfrutar de una atención individualizada. Si consumes las consultas podrás adquirir nuevos packs de consulta.